FlowingZone: Mental Skills for Excellence and Satisfaction in Sports
FlowingZone: Mental Skillsfor Excellenceand Satisfactionin Sports

Events Performance Skills     

Athletics as Art


If you consider your game to be an Art Form that you would like to master, you will want to improve the mental skills that will dramatically improve your performance.  Athletes at all levels of performance engage in these activities.

                               Train Your Brain As You Train Your Body

  •  Training Skills - Be prepared to achieve your Personal Best Performance every time out.
  •  Flow - Enter the FlowingZone and quickly regain the feeling of FLOW whenever you become temporarily distracted.
  •  Concentration - A skill, like any other that you can develop.  You can tune out distractions arising from your physical or mental states, the actions of your opponents, spectators, officials, the weather, and other conditions.
  •  Mental Toughness - Stay in the game and excel beyond the expectations of your opponent and yourself.
  •  Avoid Choking - A negative state of mind that you can learn to avoid and overcome with practice.
  •  Events Skills - You are prepared.  It is time to execute.  Manage your energy level for optimal outcomes:  Psyching up or calming down.

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